Longsight’s Ben Lyons wows with story of Sporting Dedication

Ben's picture

At the tender age of 12, Ben Lyons is a credit to his parents, a role model to his peers, and a youngster that former Olympian Diane Modahl wants to shout from the rooftops about

A year 7 pupil at St Peter’s High School in Belle Vue, Manchester, and a former pupil of Stanley Grove Primary Academy in Longsight – where he’s still a familiar face, Ben is a fine example of how being given a chance can change your life around.

He’s a participant within the Diane Modahl Sports Foundation (DMSF), which was founded by Diane Modahl, to give young people, mainly from disadvantaged areas, access to world class coaching, coaches and mentoring, with the aim of creating champions of the future, whether they be in the arena of sport, business, culture, politics or any other.

Ben’s proud parents Andy and Judy, have been so impressed with the impact the DMSF has had on their son, and explain more here: “Since Ben has been a part of the DMSF he has improved in school, in sport and now his sister Chole and all his friends want to be just like Ben. The foundation gave him the focus to do well in year 6 and he’s doing so well at secondary school we are proud with the feedback the teachers have given us – apparently they’d love a year group full of mini Bens!”

Ben is now a star on the athletics track and has recently been scouted by Sale Harriers – he’s also a whizz on the football, rugby and hockey field – he even coaches the football team at his former primary school. Team DMSF community coach Rebekah Wilson said: “Ben is an absolute delight on and off the sports field. We’re honored that his Mum and Dad have now joined our team of volunteers and delighted that having just passed his Leading Athletics Workshop qualification, Andy can use his skills to help delivery on our programme”

Thanks to www.ukfast.co.uk, a video has been created to tell Ben’s story – in the words of the wonder kid himself, his parents, teachers and the DMSF team. If you’ve ever doubted if sport can change lives … this is most definitely worth a watch – http://www.dmsf.co.uk/news/watch-ben-s-story

For more information about the DMSF, visit www.dmsf.co.uk

See original article on Pocket Manchester, February 19 2016