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Chocolate Meditation and Mindfulness in Schools

An extra from Secrets of the strong-minded. Featured on 16 September on-line edition of Mosaic which is dedicated to exploring the Science of Life.  Mosaic is published by the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation that seeks to drive extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. A programme is teaching UK kids to live in [...]

A two-stage Pupil Premium strategy

An effective, two-stage Pupil Premium strategy at Stanley Grove Academy has seen the pupils given the confidence to take control of their own learning. Teacher Karen Richardson explains more…   Introduced back in 2011, the Pupil Premium programme is now worth £2.5 billion and the 2014/15 financial year has seen primary schools receive £1,300 for [...]


We want to open a new #primaryschool in #Gorton. Find out more and register your interest at #Manchester #education 30/09/2014

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