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Towards a new member-driven College of Teaching

Welcome to this first newsletter From Chris Pope, Co-Director of the Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) Since the publication of the Blueprint last February, there has been increasing interest in the idea of a new member-driven  College of Teaching, and an ever greater number of organisations and individuals wishing to engage with the process of establishing [...]

Chocolate Meditation and Mindfulness in Schools

An extra from Secrets of the strong-minded. Featured on 16 September on-line edition of Mosaic which is dedicated to exploring the Science of Life.  Mosaic is published by the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation that seeks to drive extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. A programme is teaching UK kids to live in [...]


It's INSET Training day across @BrightFuturesET - 'learning from each other' with a wide variety of exciting and inspiring workshops... 24/10/2014

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