Black History Month

October was Black History Month and while all our academies embrace Black history throughout the year, the month does provide a good opportunity to focus even further on the subject.

For example, at Cedar Mount Academy, Black historian Linford Sweeney delivered workshops to Y10 called ‘Introducing Black History’, ‘Ancient African Cultures and ‘Enslavement, Resistance and Revolution’. The students also had a philosophy lesson at the University of Manchester which was followed by a Q&A where they learnt what life was like for Black students at university.

Y11 took part in a Zoom lecture from PhD student Parise Carmichael-Murphy on ‘Grime and Black British Identity’. They learnt about social identity, what it means to be British and the meaning of the song ‘Black’ by Dave. Traditional outfits brought a whole range of wonderful vibrant colours to the school grounds and the library presentation was created from books exploring and celebrating black history and culture.

Staff displayed their black heroes on classroom and office doors, below are some of the prominent figures we’ve discussed in lessons and how they have made a mark in the world. Included in the list: Len Johnson, Kath Locke, Darcus Howe and Candice-Carty Williams. And of course, Marcus Rashford.