Ofsted – Strong leadership at all levels leading to “strong improvement” at Cedar Mount Academy

Cedar Mount Academy has just received the report following its latest inspection by Ofsted.

In the first year at the helm in role as Principal Kal Hodgson, the Gorton based Academy has seen real improvements across all aspects of teaching and learning, and gained praise from inspectors around the culture, care and outcomes provided for students.

The report is full of highlights and praise for leaders, staff and students and will also be a valuable tool in the drive for continuing progress and improvement.

Some of the standout comments that featured are highlighted below:

  • Cedar Mount Academy is improving strongly. Leaders have a clear and ambitious strategy which has pupils’ best interests at its heart.
  • Classrooms are calm and orderly places to learn. Pupils said that they feel safe when they are in school. Expectations for all pupils are now high. The majority of pupils behave well and show positive attitudes to learning.
  • Both personal development AND leadership and management are rated as Some of the improvements that leaders have put in place have made a real difference to the quality of pupils’ education.
  • Adults in the school genuinely care about the well-being and safety of pupils. As one pupil said, ‘It is heart-warming what the teachers will do for you, because they do more than they need to for their jobs.’
  • The school is rooted in the local community. It is like a family. Pupils from the school contribute well to their local community.
  • The school celebrates the diverse cultures of its pupils. Pupils respect each other’s differences. The environment in school is caring and free from prejudice. Support for pupils with mental health issues is a particular strength of the school.
  • Leaders, including governors and trustees, are ambitious for all pupils to succeed. Governors and trustees have ensured that leadership at all levels is strong.
  • The curriculum is well planned to help pupils build their knowledge over time. Leaders and teachers have high expectations of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). These pupils follow the same school curriculum as all pupils.
  • The school develops pupils well as young citizens. There is a strong programme to support pupils’ personal development. The emphasis on pupils’ social and moral development creates well-rounded young people.

Principal Kal Hodgson said: ‘I am delighted to see that the inspectors recognise the journey of improvement the school has been on, and I am proud to say that this has been achieved by working together: staff, parents and pupils. When I read that the school is “like a family” I can see that the inspection team were able to understand the commitment we have to our pupils, and to their diverse backgrounds and cultures. The core elements of any school are the curriculum, culture and teaching and learning, and all of these elements are recognised positively in the report.’

Bright Futures Educational Trust CEO Dr John Stephens added – ‘It’s so pleasing that Ofsted has recognised the real progress that is being made at Cedar Mount Academy. Students, families and communities are really benefiting from the high expectations and excellent care that the school provides. We are really proud of our Cedar Mount students and staff and all that they are achieving. With strong leadership at all levels, the school is well placed to continue its impressive journey of improvement.’


You can download a full version of the report by clicking here.