ITV This Morning visits Gorton Mount Academy to see the Montessori Teaching Method in Action

Following the royal seal of approval from Prince George who recently started school at a Montessori school in Norfolk, Natalie Anderson from ITV This Morning went along to Gorton Mount Primary Academy to find out what Montessori was all about.

Gorton Mount Primary Academy was the first state funded school to use the Montessori Teaching Method.  There are now 700 Montessori establishments in the UK and it has spread world-wide.

Natalie met Claire Niederbuhl, the lead Montessori teacher at Gorton Mount who explained that the Montessori Method gives children the freedom and independence through bespoke teaching to become better learners.  Phil Mellen, Principal, added that the children’s confidence is engendered in the whole school and in particular in Montessori which children can carry into the world of work.

Photo - Natalie Anderson, ITV & GM childrenNatalie found the children to be self-motivated, inquisitive and relaxed and want to be at the school.


See the visit by ITV This Morning, Friday 29 Jan – 18 minutes into the programme