BFET Moving Forward Together Training Day

DSC_0615Our joint trust training day was a resounding success last week. This was our fourth joint trust training day and staff were split over three BFET sites: Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Gorton Education Village and Manchester Creative and Media Academy. The purpose of the day was for staff to work in their subject, department, teams and areas, and at all three sites there was an opportunity to share knowledge and ideas. The specific aims were as follows:

  • Bringing people together
  • Focus on wellbeing
  • Exchange of Knowledge
  • Team building

At all three sites the day began with a welcome address by one of our BFET executive team. This included an excellent video of our CEO Dame Dana Ross-Wawrzynski outlining the importance of the leader in us all. This was followed by a very poignant video of our pupils and students reminding us of the significance and value of our work.  Discover our academies

At AGGS a number of very different sessions were organised. Staff were encouraged to challenge homophobic language during the Prejudice Based Bullying session and in another session enjoyed some interactive activities looking at body language, tone of voice and listening skills.

DSC_0647At GEV staff were organised according to role and the finance, site and TaSS teams along with TAs and technicians participated in very targeted, specific sessions related to their role. One of the most enjoyable sessions of the day was the technician’s session where they considered the physics of chocolate!

At MCMA there was an opportunity for teaching staff from across phases and across the trust, to work together in subject areas of their choice. After an excellent welcoming speech on the power of collaboration from Rebecca Smith, teaching staff discussed in detail on subject  tables , a variety of questions relating to such topics as:  ‘How can we most successfully implement the changes to the new curriculum? ’ and ‘what are the best teaching methods for creating an inclusive school?’

This was then followed by a quick fire 10 minute knowledge exchange activity. Teachers could choose to explore 5 areas of interest from 45 different topics on offer, over the course of an hour. Topics included: ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’, ‘Using QR Codes in the Classroom and for Assessment’, ‘Sharing tips on developing programming skills with KS3/4/5’ and  ‘Using Songs and Games to Teach Spanish’. There really was something for everyone!

Over the lunchtime, a wellbeing session provided an opportunity to take time out during this busy day and to be guided through a mindfulness meditation practice at all three sites. 


Understanding your professional development needs was also a key feature at each location as staff worked together in job role areas to discuss their needs. Much of the training on this day was delivered by teachers and some associate staff which highlighted the many skills and interests of our colleagues across the trust.  Thanks goes to our external partners who also gave an important input to the day.

Overall, it was an excellent opportunity for staff to meet with staff from other BFET schools in Greater Manchester and Blackpool and we hope that people will continue to network now the day is over.