Altrincham Grammar School for Girls awards £3,000 to charity

YPI WinnersStudents from Altrincham Grammar School for Girls have awarded £3000 to Manchester based Booth Centre, a day centre for homeless people, through the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) . 

Year 9 students at the school, which is part of the Bright Futures Educational Trust, have been working closely with the YPI since January. The initiative is a unique schools programme that enables young people to work together to help improve local communities.

Every girl participated in a presentation exploring a charity that they were passionate about and that was linked to their own moral values at an event at the school. The winning team was chosen by a judging panel, made up of teachers, pupils, a local magistrate and a member of the PTA that made the final decision on which charity was most deserving of the £3000 donation.

Six charities were represented; When You Wish Upon a Star, Survivors Manchester, Wipe Your Tears, Redline, The Safe Network and eventual winners The Booth Centre.

Nicola Cutts-Watson, Events Coordinator at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls said: “This project was a fantastic way to engage our pupils in their local community in both a fun and educational way. Citizenship is best taught when it is active and through this project, pupils have independently explored their beliefs and values whilst helping the community they live in.”

“The event was a fantastic day and made me very proud of not only the girls who won but the whole year group who took part. We are so excited to be able to roll it out next year and see our girls continue to engage with the community, helping grass root charities.”