Here at Bright Futures Educational Trust we believe passionately in ensuring our schools have the very best governors supporting our teaching and associate staff, ultimately improving childrens’ lives through provision of a world-class education. Bright Futures supports its school partners in balancing independence for individual school governance whilst remaining true to the vision and values of our organisation

What are the responsibilities of the local governing body?

Governors work with schools to focus on providing robust challenge and positive support to principals, ensuring strong leadership and governance for each academy.  Their responsibilities include the safeguarding and well-being of pupils and staff.

Each local governing body is led by a chair of governors, whose responsibility it is to build and maintain an effective governing body, setting expectations on governors’ roles and conduct, ensuring each member is making an active and valuable contribution.

How do we support our schools?


Bright Futures has a board of  trustees.  The trustees delegate authority both to central committees, comprising both trustees and Trust executives, and to a local governing body for each academy in the Trust. The governors know their school well and are best placed to monitor its performance.

Each LGB includes the  school principal and the Chair, both of which are Bright Futures appointments. The LGB is made up of elected staff and parent governors, together with appointed governors with a range of skills. We place great importance on working closely with our LGBs as they are essential to our school’s success.