Targeted and Specialist Support Team (TaSS)

The targeted and specialist support (TaSS) team sit within the heart of BFET. Our mission is to find the difference that makes the difference. We are driven by our uncompromising belief in equality of opportunity. This is embodied in our purpose to provide a responsive, dynamic and flexible service. The function of the TaSS team is multidimensional meaning that work is varied and encompasses casework, training, systemic work and research. Our impact data from the last academic year were impressive and highlighted both the necessity of the TaSS team across BFET and the distinctive contribution made by our psychologists.

There are currently six members of the TaSS team:  a head of service (principal child and educational psychologist), three child and educational psychologists, one speech and language therapist and one trainee child and educational psychologist.

Our team follow the ‘plan, do and review’ cycle of consultation. In terms of casework, we frequently carry out a variety of assessments (standardised, play-based, dynamic) and where necessary will offer on going therapeutic work. We also offer each of our schools ‘CEP drop ins’ on a frequent basis. This is primarily preventative work and offers school staff an opportunity to discuss a concern with a psychologist via a brief consultation.

We are strongly focused on preventative work and building capacity within schools. On-going systemic work relates to early intervention, behaviour, literacy, autism and dyslexia.

Mission, values and vision



Our mission is to find the difference that makes the difference. We are driven by our uncompromising belief in equality of opportunity. This is embodied in our purpose to provide a responsive, dynamic and flexible service.

We seek to understand the contexts in which our schools operate and provide a targeted and specialised support and expertise at a systemic, group and individual level through collaboration and remaining congruent to our core values.



Working in the best interests of the pupil – without compromise.

Mutual respect:

Valuing diversity and contributions. Fostering a trusting, open and inclusive environment and treating each person in a manner that reflects our values. Embracing challenge in a constructive and supportive manner.


Being ethically unyielding and honest and inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.

Better together:

Leveraging the power of shared insight, relationships, collaboration and delivering a high quality service with partners.

Investment in people:

Attracting, developing and retaining the best people, never letting our people become complacent , demonstrating a “can-do” attitude and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.


Fulfilling our commitment to our values. Acting with parent mentality. Developing our people and helping to grow and improve our BFET community.


To create a high-quality, flexible and sustainable team with the aim of promoting the development, talents of children and YP to their fullest potential without compromise.

 Team Members


Dr Jude Joughin – Principal Child and Educational PsychologistJude Joughin

Following a degree in psychology, Dr Jude Joughin began her educational career as a primary school teacher and SENCo. She qualified as a Child and Educational Psychologist in 2009 and subsequently worked as a local authority psychologist. In 2012 she joined the Bright Futures Educational Trust to head up the Targeted and Specialist Support (TaSS) team and to continue to work as a Child and Educational Psychologist.

Jude has developed specialist knowledge in the areas of social, emotional and behavioural needs; systemic work within schools; children with delayed development; and therapeutic work within schools. Within BFET, Jude designs and manages projects in these areas and advises the Trust and its member schools at a strategic level.

Jude and her Targeted and Specialist Support team have an uncompromising belief that no child should be left behind. They are guided by ‘finding the difference that makes the difference’ to the lives of children and young people across BFET.


Dr George Thomas – Child and Educational Psychologist

George ThomasAfter completing his first degree in Psychology in 2009, George began his career in education working as a HigherLevel Teaching Assistant at a secondary school in North Manchester. George completed his teacher training in 2011 and worked as an A-level Psychology teacher until 2012. In 2015, George completed his Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology at the University of Manchester and joined Bright Futures Educational Trust (BFET) as an Educational Psychologist within the Targeted and Specialist Support (TaSS) Team.

George’s doctoral thesis focussed on the impact of mindfulness on primary school aged pupils’ attentional skills and he has developed specialist knowledge in the areas of dyslexia; English as an Additional Language; and, cognition and learning difficulties. George also has a keen interest in neuropsychology.

George is taking a strategic lead on research and evidence-based practice within the TaSS Team and has recently been appointed as an Honorary Tutor in Education within the School of Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester.


Dr Adam Rumble – Child and Educational PsychologistAdam Rumble

Adam Rumble joined BFET as a Child and Educational Psychologist in September 2014, following the completion of
the Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology at the University of Manchester. Adam is extremely positive, passionate and enthusiastic about using psychology to support children, young people and the adults around them. Adam strongly believes in working holistically and using an individualised approach with students to develop a shared understanding and to meet their needs in the most effective way. He also enjoys systemic work and building capacity of parents, carers and school staff who support children and young people on a daily basis.

Adam has worked in several special and mainstream schools, enjoying a variety of work with primary and secondary students as well as with young adults. He worked for several years as an Assistant Psychologist and Therapies Assistant in a residential school for children with severe and complex needs, particularly those with autism. Adam is especially passionate about helping children with autism or social communication difficulties and will continue to develop specialist knowledge in this field whilst developing the provision for autism within BFET.

Adam is also interested in the impact of working memory on learning and development and has recently conducted research into the implementation of whole-class working memory interventions. Adam’s interests also include attachment, emotional wellbeing and eliciting the voice of the child or young person.


Dr Cathy Atkinson – Child and Educational Psychologist Dr Catherine Atkinson

Having completed a psychology degree, Cathy worked in administration and training before becoming a primary school teacher.  Cathy qualified as an educational psychologist in 2000 and has subsequently worked as a practitioner in Manchester, Bury and Bolton.  Since 2004 she has worked at the University of Manchester and is currently Curriculum Director on the Doctorate and Educational and Child Psychology programme, which delivers initial training for educational psychologists.

Cathy has research interests in the role of educational psychologists in delivering therapeutic support; supervision; children’s right to play; adolescent literacy; and post school psychology services.  She has published extensively in the field of motivational interviewing and has been involved in national and international training in this area.  She has also published resources to help practitioners using motivational interviewing to allow students to explore and challenge their own patterns of behaviour.  Cathy has additional qualifications in motivational interviewing and human givens therapy and is verifier for educational testing standards for the British Psychological Society.


Trainee Educational Psychologist Natasha - Trainee

Since graduating with a degree in psychology in 2008, Natasha has developed her skills and interest supporting children and young people primarily on a one-to-one basis within social care and early childhood education. Natasha particularly enjoys the creative aspect of working with children and young people, developing individualised strategies and promoting child-centred approaches. This also lead to a specific interest in autism and inclusive practice.

Natasha began a Doctorate in Child and Educational Psychology at the University of Manchester in 2015, and joined the BFET TaSS team as a Trainee Educational Psychologist in January 2016.

Developed through a passion for promoting children’s right to play, Natasha’s doctoral thesis focuses on children’s experience of play within Welsh and English primary school curricula.


Deeba Akram-Saleem – Speech and Language Therapist

Deeba Akram-SaleemFollowing a degree in Speech Science, Deeba began her career as a Speech and Language Therapist with the National Health Service (NHS) in 2003. She went on to complete an MSc in Human Communication Sciences, for which she won both a Health Sciences Association (HSA) Major Scholarship and an NHS Speech and Language Therapy Research Award. Deeba has extensive experience of developing and delivering universal, targeted and specialist Speech, Language and Communication (SLC) interventions for children and young people as well as bespoke training packages for staff.

Deeba has won a number of awards for her innovative and dynamic approaches to addressing children’s communication needs including the ‘Dororthy Dixon Barrow Award’ for tackling health inequality and The Communication Trust’s ‘Working Together Award’. Deeba has a particular interest in Specific Language Impairment as well as Language Impairment in linguistic diversity. She is on the committee of one of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapist’s Clinical Excellence Network for Bilingualism.

Deeba joined the Bright Futures Educational Trust’s Targeted and Specialist Support (TaSS) Team in January 2015. She works collaboratively with her Child and Educational Psychology colleagues focusing specifically on developing high quality SLC provision for all pupils in the Trust.