Dr. Adam Rumble

Education Psychologist


Educational Review Specialists » PDBW Team, SEND Team

Dr. Adam Rumble, Education Psychologist - BFET TaSS TeamAdam Rumble (BSc (hons); PGCert; DEdChPsychol; MBPsS) is a HCPC registered Educational Psychologist who joined BFET in September 2014, following the completion of the Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology at the University of Manchester. Adam is extremely positive, passionate and enthusiastic about using psychology to support children, young people and the adults around them.

Adam strongly believes in working holistically and using an individualised approach with students to develop a shared understanding and to meet their needs in the most effective way. He also enjoys systemic work and building capacity of parents, carers and school staff who support children and young people on a daily basis.

Adam has worked in several special and mainstream schools, enjoying a variety of work with primary and secondary students as well as with young adults. He worked for several years as an Assistant Psychologist and Therapies Assistant in a residential school for children with severe and complex needs, particularly those with autism. Adam is especially passionate about helping children with autism or social communication difficulties and will continue to develop specialist knowledge in this field whilst developing the provision for autism within BFET.

Adam is also interested in the impact of working memory on learning and development and has recently conducted research into the implementation of whole-class working memory interventions. Adam’s interests also include attachment, emotional wellbeing and eliciting the voice of the child or young person.